Rally Against Deporting Refugees x One Love Movement – City Hall, Philadelphia – 10.08.10

Posted: October 8, 2010 in News

We’re not gonna stop! Another rally was held today at The Thomas Paine Center right across the street from Love Park. About 150 showed up this event, some taking turns speaking, letting out their fustrations . Once again Joe leads the mass, continuing to carry the voice of the people.  Thanks again to all those who showed up and those who could not make it. We ask for you to stay strong with us, as we continue to fight and push towards a change for our brothers and sisters. Strength is in numbers! Stay tuned for more info on upcoming rallies.

Special thanks to Media Mobilizing Project for putting together this great video.

Watch this video where Joe Hanzsum of AZI fellas explains the origins of Cambodian immigration to Philadelphia and shares about what this recent wave of detentions means to the families and friends of those who came here as child refugees. Hanszum explains that most were thrown into the same conditions of poverty faced by the majority of Philadelphians when they came here from Cambodia — yet their status as non-citizens has meant that any criminal record, large or small, is an automatic life sentence of separation from thier lives and loved ones.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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